PR Gloo Small Business Development Grant Scheme

Small businesses in Ryedale receive funding boost from Ryedale District Council

Twenty-five small businesses across the district have received a funding boost from Ryedale District Council’s Small Business Development Grant Scheme.

The Ryedale Small Business Development Grant Scheme was launched by Ryedale District Council in 2022 to help with start-up costs for new businesses or to assist existing businesses to grow and strengthen their market position, expand into new markets or to address recruitment or skill shortages.

The grant scheme awarded a total of £68,554.17 across twenty-five small businesses, who were able to submit applications for up to £5,000. Applications were then awarded a further 50% match fund. 

Alix Fern England, a local an independent company and brand specialising in quality hats and accessories, received a total of £1,970.00 from the Small Business Development Grant Scheme. This funding supported the cost of a new website, industrial standard equipment and helped to expand the range and development of new products offered by the brand.   

Alix Shaw, Founder of Alix Fern England said:

“The grant has been a huge support to me and my brand. I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve within my business and how I wanted to expand my brand and product range, however financially this wasn’t something I could do. Receiving the grant gave me the support and push I needed to go to that next level and has had a big impact on the growth and success of my business”.

“I had a fantastic first Christmas with my brand. I have also gained lots of new customers and stockists. It gave me the confidence to set up my business and took away the financial strains. Without the support I received from the scheme, my business wouldn’t be in the growing position it is now”.

Another local business supported by The Small Business Development Grant are makers of the popular Yorkshire Pudding Beer and winner of ALDI’s next big thing, Malton Brewery, who received a total of £2,360 from the scheme.

Howard Kinder, Owner of Malton Brewery said:

"Coming through Covid was hard, but with the help from Ryedale District Council and the Small Business Development Grant, it has enabled us to invest in bigger brewing equipment. This enabled us to become more cost effective by increasing our volumes. Without the grant I'm not sure we would have been able to take the next step forward".

Gather & Cure, a Charcuterie start-up business in Kirkbymoorside, also received £1,615.00 From the grant scheme. This funding has enabled Gather & Cure’s owner, Paul Cottrell, to invest in new equipment to support business activities. Paul said:   

“As my business is a self-funded start up, I was creating my cured sausages with a manual stuffer which was extremely labour intensive. With the help of the Small Development Business Grant, I was able to purchase an electric stuffer which has dramatically increased the efficiencies of production”. 

“The help available within the council’s various departments has been a source of comfort with my journey to full production. It can sometimes feel quite lonely when embarking on a project that’s self-funded and full of risk, and to have access to good people on the doorstep that can offer practical advice is amazing”. 

Rob Harper, Acting Programme Director for Place and Resources said:

“It’s great to hear how businesses and brands across our district have benefitted from Ryedale District Council’s Small Business Development Grant scheme. The scheme was launched with local businesses at its heart, and we’re delighted to hear about the ways in which it has helped to support fundamental activities and equipment, within those organisations”.