Ryedale residents offered a “tree for free” as part of climate change campaign: Ryedale residents offered a “tree for free” as part of climate change campaign

16 Nov 2019

Ryedale residents offered a “tree for free” as part of climate change campaign

Ryedale District Council is offering 100 residents a garden tree free of charge, as part of a national tree planting campaign aimed at reducing CO2 and tackling climate change.

The “tree for free” initiative is one of a number of activities that Ryedale District Council is undertaking in support of the Woodland Trust’s Big Climate Fightback campaign, which aims to get one million people to join the fight against climate change by supporting tree planting.

As well as offering 100 garden trees to members of the public, Ryedale District Council (which recently declared a climate change emergency) will be clearing some overgrown Council land on Riccal Drive in Helmsley for tree planting, and providing a free tree to every one of our 100 parishes that wishes to support the campaign.

All the trees offered are native species, responsibly grown and sourced in the UK and Ireland.

Said Phillip Spurr, Programme Director for Economic Development at Ryedale District Council:

“As a Council we are committed to tackling climate change, and this is just one of many things that we are doing to support a greener Ryedale.

“Obviously climate change is a huge and complex issue that needs to be tackled in lots of different ways. However even small acts like planting a tree can make a positive difference, which is why we’re supporting the Woodland Trust campaign and giving people across our district the opportunity to plant a tree in their garden. Trees absorb CO2, provide oxygen and create havens for wildlife, so they are allies in the fight against climate change, and we hope that as many residents as possible will take advantage of the tree for free offer.”

Any Ryedale resident who is interested in a tree for free must reserve their tree in advance at https://ryedale-TreeForFree.eventbrite.co.uk where there is also more information on the campaign.

The tree will be a sapling of between 15cm and 60cm in height, and either a rowan, silver birch, wild cherry, hawthorn, hazel or dogwood variety. Trees must be collected on Saturday 30 November between 9am and 12noon from Wentworth Street carpark in Malton.