Ryedale living history project aims to capture the spirit of the times: PR Gloo Ryedale Connect

04 May 2020

Ryedale living history project aims to capture the spirit of the times

Ryedale Folk Museum and Ryedale District Council are calling for people across Ryedale to get creative, and contribute to Ryedale Connect 2020 – a project to capture the essence of Ryedale’s community spirit during the COVID health crisis.

The aim of the project is to create a record of the current times, and how the people of Ryedale have responded to them, through photographs, creative work, stories, memories and recordings submitted by people across the district. The Museum hopes that some of the pieces could enter the Museum’s permanent collection as a record of the times and could form part of a display to follow in the future.

Jennifer Smith, the director of Ryedale Folk Museum, said:

“This is an unprecedented and extraordinary period, and the way that people in Ryedale have come together to support each other is very powerful and moving.  History will record the statistics, but it won’t necessarily capture the unique individual stories and memories that are happening on a daily basis – and that is what this project is about. 

“The time to record is now, so we are asking people to send us their photographs, stories, recordings and creative responses to what is happening, so we can capture our collective memory of the times for posterity.”

Councillor Keane Duncan, Leader of Ryedale District Council, said:

“The Council is committed to supporting lives and livelihoods during this crisis, and whilst we’re very focused on providing the services that help people economically, we also recognise the important role that cultural activity plays in creating a sense of community and making Ryedale the place it is.  Ryedale Folk Museum has a long history of collecting the experiences of ordinary “folk” around our area, and we’re delighted to be partnering with them on this project.”

Stacey Burlet, CEO of Ryedale District Council, said:

“We hear every day about the tragic impact of COVID-19, but it has also led to many acts of day-to-day kindness and created an incredible sense community in many of our towns and villages - and those things need to be remembered too.  I hope that lots of people will contribute to the Ryedale Connect project.  The exhibition will be a piece of history, told by the people of Ryedale, and a tribute to our communities.”

People who are creating work for Ryedale Connect 2020 are urged to follow government guidance about avoiding inessential travel and maintaining social distancing.

Pictures, stories and other creative work should be sent to RyedalePhoto@gmail.com together with your name, contact details, a description of what has been submitted or a short caption.  Submissions may be catalogued and archived, and included in social media feeds, printed/online materials and in a physical exhibition in the future.

Further information on the project is available at: