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Ryedale District Council takes action with the community to keep waterways clear in Malton and Norton

Malton and Norton Canoe Club, Malton and Norton Tidy Group, and Ryedale District Council have been working together to help remove discarded items from part of the River Derwent.

Ryedale District Council's Waste and Environmental Services Team - Streetscene - work in partnership with voluntary groups in the community across Ryedale to keep the environment clean, green, and safe.

The District Council has worked together with the Malton and Norton Canoe Club as well as the Malton and Norton Tidy Group to help keep local waterways free from rubbish.

The task of keeping 936 square miles of Ryedale clean and tidy is not easy. It is only through partnership working that  the district can be kept clean and tidy.

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Councillor Di Keal, Chair of Ryedale District Council's Policy and Resources Committee, said:

"It is our strong sense of community that's at the heart of what makes Ryedale a great place to live, work and raise a family.

"The Malton and Norton Canoe Club, as well as the Malton and Norton Tidy Group, have been working together with Ryedale District Council. They've helped pull all sorts of harmful rubbish out of local waterways in recent weeks.

"Litter and rubbish isn't just an eyesore, it can be really dangerous.

"Together they have been able to pull out litter that presents a risk of harm to animals and humans who use the waterways, including a shopping trolley.

"I want to thank members of the community and Ryedale District Council's dedicated Waste and Environment Team who work tirelessly to keep our communities clean, green and tidy."

Paul Lister, a spokesperson for the Malton and Norton Canoe Club, said:

"It is great that we get the support of both Malton and Norton Tidy Group and also Ryedale District Council to keep the waterways clear.

"Recently we helped pull all sorts of rubbish out and Ryedale District Council were there on-hand, ready with a wagon to dispose of all the dangerous items we helped spot in local waterways."

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Antony Crosser, a volunteer of the Malton and Norton Tidy Group, said:

"We spend time picking up litter across Malton and Norton but are aware that litter and debris ends up in the waterways and we cannot safely reach it.

"We really appreciate Malton and Norton Canoe Club's efforts in helping remove the rubbish out of the river. On this occasion, getting large items on to the embankments where we can help get rid of it with the support of Ryedale District Council's Streetscene."

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If citizens would like help to get rid of litter in Malton and Norton they can contact: litterpicks@ryedale.gov.uk