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Ryedale District Council takes action to reduce plastic from the environment with its garden waste subscriptions

Ryedale District Council is taking action to reduce climate change, by decreasing the amount of plastic waste it puts into the environment. 

The District Council is no longer automatically sending out new plastic bin tag licences for citizens who renew their garden waste subscriptions every year. The change should remove approximately 12,000 bin tags from the environment annually.

The message to citizens is to keep their current bin tags attached to their bin.

Margaret Wallace, Head of Customer and Communities  for Ryedale District Council explained:

“Ryedale District Council is committed to its key aims in our Council Plan to keep the environment sustainable, safe and clean. By no longer automatically replacing a plastic bin tag licence for each subscription every year, we will remove plastic waste from the environment.

“We’re also committed to delivering the best service possible and will replace a plastic licence tag if it is lost, or has been damaged. We hope citizens support the change to the service and ask them to look out for their reminder letter each year. All they’ll need for our teams to collect their garden waste is a current subscription and a plastic licence tag attached to their bin.”

Garden waste subscriptions cost just £38 and citizens will be able to subscribe for the 21/22 service in March, with collections for that year beginning on 1 April.

Ryedale District Council will shortly be sending renewal letters to current subscribers reminding them to keep their current bin tag licence attached to the bin. When the 21/22 service opens, subscriptions can be renewed by going to, by phoning 0800 035 1566 or visiting the Post Office or other outlets displaying the Pay Point sign.

The garden waste service for 2020/21 will resume in March too with collections for that year’s subscriptions stopping on 31 March 2021. Citizens can check their bin day here: