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Ryedale District Council offers free food hygiene training for businesses in the district with training provider, High Speed Training

Ryedale District Council is offering catering and food-handling premises in the district free access to food hygiene training from online training provider High Speed Training.

By law, all food handlers must have an understanding of the principles of food hygiene and know how to work safely so as to protect the food they serve from contamination.

The two courses on offer are the Level 2 and Level 3 Food Hygiene certificates. Level 2 is suitable for anyone who handles, prepares, or serves food in the catering industry, whilst the Level 3 Food Hygiene certificate is aimed supervisors and managers in food businesses.

With the Level 2 certificate usually costing £20 plus VAT, and the Level 3 being £125 plus VAT, businesses across the district could make a significant saving by taking advantage of this free access training. As well as saving money, completion of the training and increased knowledge around food hygiene can have a positive effect on businesses securing a compliant Food Hygiene Rating. 

Eden Camp Modern History Museum, located near Old Malton, has recently made use of the training on offer and so far, seven employees have successfully attained the Level 2 certificate, with a further two members of staff about to undertake the course. In addition to this, a member of staff has recently successfully completed the Level 3 Food Hygiene Training too.

Nick Hill, Museum Manager at Eden Camp said:

“Over the years that Ryedale District Council have made the Food Hygiene training courses available, we have been pleased to have been able to put numerous members of staff through the training.”

“The course compliments and supports our own comprehensive in-house training and provides independent and formal proof that staff have undergone appropriate training to work in our catering facility.”

“Being able to put staff through this training at no monetary cost is very much appreciated in the current climate when all other essential commodities and requirements associated with running a successful business, seem to be increasing in cost.”

“We would definitely recommend other businesses in the district to utilise the free training on offer. The ability to undertake the course online, at a time convenient to business owners and staff is great, and having a formal certificate to display or present on successful completion of the course is also a big bonus.”

Sarah Taylor, Food and Drink Learning Manager at High Speed Training said:

“It’s inspiring to see the investment that Ryedale Council are making in ensuring high food hygiene standards in their region.

“More than ever, it’s important for businesses to show their customers that they care about making their premises as clean and hygienic as possible. For many, a lower food hygiene rating can be a dealbreaker when it comes to choosing where to eat.

“We would urge all businesses in the area to take up this free training from Ryedale Council, as it will give them a great grounding in all matters of food hygiene, including controlling hazards, food storage and preparation, personal hygiene and premises cleaning.”

Rob Harper, Acting Programme Director for Place and Resources said:

“We’re pleased to be working in partnership with High Speed Training again and offering local businesses and establishments this fantastic opportunity.

In addition to offering the Level 2 Food Hygiene training, the fact businesses can now also choose to complete the Level 3 certificate is great news and allows significant savings to be made. We encourage all businesses to get in touch and take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible”. 

Businesses interested in taking the course to get their licence can email tourism@ryedale.gov.uk stating the name of their business and the full names of the people they want to undertake the course. They will then be sent the login credentials. 

For more information about the Highspeed Training Food Hygiene Certificate visit Food Hygiene Certificate | Levels 1, 2 & 3 | High Speed Training.