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Ryedale District Council launches second round of its Community Environmental Grant Scheme

Ryedale District Council has launched a second round of the Community Environmental Grant Scheme, to help community groups deliver small scale climate change projects.

In October 2019, Ryedale District Council joined other bodies in declaring a climate change emergency. The District Council made a commitment to actions to help achieve net zero emissions across Ryedale by 2050.

Launched in 2021, round one of the Community and Environmental Grant Scheme saw six projects receiving funding, with £5,250 awarded in total. Projects in this round included improved roof insulation and LED lighting in village halls, the installation of an electric vehicle charging point for a community transport vehicle, rainwater collection and the retrofitting of parish streetlights to LED.

Now, as part it’s climate change commitment pledge, Ryedale District Council has opened the grant scheme for a second round, with hopes to encourage more community groups to reduce their own carbon consumption.

The maximum amount of grant assistance available is up to £2,000 per project and the organisations that can apply are community groups, or groups or organisations that work for the public benefit.

A total of £30,000 has been allocated to the scheme. Applications open from 23rd  January 2023 and the deadline for submitting your application is 24th February 2023. Decisions are expected by 10th March 2023.

Applications can be made for assistance towards the following costs: -

  • Energy efficiency assessments to baseline the current energy efficiency of a building and identify measures to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.
  • Electricity generation and installation of solar panels (and/or battery storage) or heat pumps.
  • Adaptation of premises to reduce consumption of gas, electricity or water such as, but not limited to, insulation, temperature control timers, double glazing / secondary glazing, LED lighting or rain water reuse.
  • Equipment that will help to improve efficiency/reduce carbon consumption.

Phillip Spurr, Programme Director of Place and Resources for Ryedale District Council said:

“Ryedale District Council is thrilled to be able to open the Community Environmental Grant Scheme for a second round and feel it’s another great step in the right direction for talking climate change action in Ryedale.

We strongly encourage applications from community groups or groups working for the public benefit and we hope that together we can help to reduce Ryedale’s carbon consumption”.

For full details about the scheme and to apply visit:


Notes to editors

Please note that the scheme opens for applications on the 23rd January 2023. We have included this information in the press release also. The press release can be issued next week instead if needed, many thanks.