Bin rounds phase 2

Ryedale District Council launches phase two of bin round changes and delivers new improved recycling equipment

Ryedale District Council is launching phase two of its bin round changes in February and will also be delivering 25,000 new blue boxes for kerbside paper and cardboard recycling as part of their waste service improvement programme to ensure safe and efficient waste and recycling collections that continue to meet the needs of its communities.

The Council has undertaken a review of the existing domestic waste and kerbside recycling collection rounds and is making a few changes affecting some collection routes so that waste and recycling rounds are optimised and the operational carbon footprint is reduced as far as possible.

Residents will continue to receive a fortnightly domestic waste and kerbside recycling collection service however the District Council is making some changes to the collection routes and times.  

Over 1,300 homes have already had their collection routes and times changed as part of phase one. Now, phase two is launching in February 2023, with around 1,700 properties affected.

The Council will be writing directly to all affected residents – by sending them a postcard to provide them with details of their service change. A new collection calendar will be online just before each change and citizens will be able to check their new dates by visiting

All citizens are reminded to put their waste and recycling out on their new collection day – by 6am.

The new rounds will put citizens in Ryedale in a good position as the district heads into the new unitary council, which will launch on 1 April 2023.

New recycling equipment

The Council has been replacing bags with boxes for several years however covid has resulted in a delay to rolling out boxes to all residents.  From early February around 25,000 citizens will receive a blue box with a lid to replace the blue bags that are used for the kerbside recycling of paper and card.  The boxes keep the contents dry and contained. 

Citizens receiving the blue boxes will receive a postcard to explain the change and as a reminder of all the materials that can be recycled as part of the Councils current kerbside recycling service.  Citizens are encouraged to keep the blue bags and reuse them for their own purposes.

Margaret Wallace, Director of People and Resources for Ryedale District Council said:

“The changes to rounds are going well and our teams are working hard to implement the changes in phases. Citizens affected by the changes will receive a postcard providing full details of their new collection dates, please do wait for your postcard to arrive as it will confirm everything you need to know.

“We’re also pleased to see the delivery of blue boxes for kerbside recycling of card and paper. The equipment ensures safer manual handling for our teams, the lids keep the contents dry and we have provided useful information about what citizens can recycling now to help us all to recycle more.”

Schedule for the changes

Weeks commencing 6 and 13 February

  • 916 properties in Malton in Showground and Broughton Manor, Dickens Road and Rainbow Lane Estate will change from a Monday to Tuesday
  • 186 properties in Old Malton will change from a Friday to Tuesday

Week commencing 20 February

  • 450 properties in Norton, on Langton Road area and the Howe Road area will change from a Friday to Thursday
  • 600 properties in Rillington area will change from a Friday to a Thursday and the materials collected will switch weeks so the week we usually collect recycling we will collect rubbish and vice versa.  We are adding in an extra rubbish collection so residents don’t have to wait too long in between collections.

Week commencing 27 February

  • 120 properties in Keldhome/Kirby Mills will change from a Monday to Tuesday
  • 700 properties in Pickering will move from a Tuesday/Thursday to Friday