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Ryedale District Council launches £10k Community Environmental Grant Scheme

Ryedale District Council has launched a £10k Community Environmental Grant Scheme to help community groups deliver small scale climate change projects.

In October 2019, Ryedale District Council joined other bodies in declaring a climate change emergency. The District Council made a commitment to actions to help achieve net zero emissions across Ryedale by 2050.

Now, as part of the climate change commitment, the grant scheme has been launched to encourage community groups to reduce their own carbon consumption.

The maximum amount of grant assistance available is up to £1,000 and the organisations that can apply are community groups, or groups or organisations that work for the public benefit.

A total of £10,000 has been allocated to the scheme. Deadline for applications is 31 October 2021 with a decision expected by 20 November 2021.

Applications can be made for assistance towards the following costs:-

  • Electricity generation eg the installation of solar panels or heat pumps
  • Adaptation of premises to reduce the consumption of gas, electricity or water such as insulation, temperature control timers, insulation, double glazing, LED lighting or rain water reuse
  • Recycling schemes that will reuse materials which would otherwise be considered waste
  • Equipment that will help to improve efficiency/reduce carbon consumption
  • Climate change mitigation such as switching to low-carbon energy sources or a tree planting scheme

Phillip Spurr, Programme Director for Economic Development, Business and Partnerships for Ryedale District Council said:

“We are committed to taking climate change action in Ryedale and the Community Environmental Grant scheme is a step in the right direction. We welcome applications from any community group or group working for the public benefit that will help see a reduction in carbon consumption.

“If you think a project your group is working on will fit, please apply and we are welcoming any applications with innovative solutions too.”

For full details about the scheme and to apply visit: