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Ryedale District Council calls for citizens and contractors to have their say on energy efficiency

Citizens and contractors in Ryedale have a chance to say what energy efficiency measures they want installed and the findings will help determine where future funding will be spent.

Ryedale District Council is asking citizens to complete a quick questionnaire to help with the planning of future funding streams, which will promote the installation of a variety of energy efficiency measures.  These might include a new renewable heating system to replace an old or inefficient heating system, or solar panels.

The council is also interested in hearing from contractors to find out what renewable technologies and potential training opportunities are needed, alongside any barriers which would prevent contractors offering these measures.

Both questionnaires will help Ryedale District Council decide what sort of energy efficiency funding would be relevant to help local residents in the future. They will also highlight the training requirements for contractors to become involved in council supported schemes.

Phillip Spurr, Programme Director for Economic Development, Business and Partnerships for Ryedale District Council said: “The Government is committed to providing grants for energy efficiency measures in private domestic properties.  Funding is available for homeowners and private sector landlords.  As we move away from the reliance on fossil fuels, this funding could help residents improve their home heating or insulation. 

“We are committed to supporting schemes which contribute to a reduction in climate change and want to make sure that the grants we give out will help our citizens and contractors move away from fossil fuels.

“We’re asking citizens and contractors to help us identify any potential barriers that would prevent them from installing energy efficiency measures, including renewable energy systems.  Please help us by completing the questionnaire which should only take 5-10 minutes of your time.”

The survey for citizens can be taken here:

The survey for contractors can be taken here:

The information from the questionnaires will be anonymous.