Armed Forces Day PR

Ryedale District Council celebrates Armed Forces Day

Ryedale District Council invited local Veterans to Ryedale House for a flag-raising event to celebrate Armed Forces Day last week.

Armed Forces Day is coming up on Saturday, 25 June, and Ryedale District Council is a sponsor for the events taking place in Scarborough over the weekend.

Local Veterans from Ryedale got together ahead of events on Saturday to raise the British Union flag outside of Ryedale House and meet with Officers.

Armed Forces Day 2 PR

*Vic Voller (Leftmost)

Vic Voller, a local Royal Navy Veteran, said:

"I enjoyed attending a flag raising at Ryedale House today and I am proud to have served my Queen and country. Armed Forces Day is a celebration of an important job, which we all enjoyed doing for our country.

"Celebrating Armed Forces day is really important, because it lets the forces know that they have the support of the public and that matters, a lot."

Raymond Whitwell, a 103-year-old Ryedale Veteran, who served in WW2 at the battle of Arnhem commented on coming to Ryedale House to raise the flag:

"Raising the flag today was the correct thing to do, pleased to join in and give my salute - it was good for me, I am 103 years old you know."

Tim Scurry, a local Veteran who now works for Ryedale District Council in its Housing Support service, said:

"The Armed Forces do a variety of really important non-combat operations. I worked on the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London for three months in 2012 and the public support was overwhelming."

"Armed Forces Day is a valuable opportunity to show our support for all those who serve and have served in the UK Armed Forces and I hope people get involved and have a great day out if they are able to attend any of the organised events."

Ryedale District Council's Director for Place & Resources, Phillip Spurr, said:

"It was brilliant to welcome a number of local Veterans to Ryedale House and look on in admiration as the flag went up - hearing all of their heartfelt stories was a total privilege.

"Raymond who is one-hundred and three years old told me vividly all about a famous World War Two battle at Arnhem - it was such an important and pivotal battle, he brought this important piece of history to light.

"We want to thank all of the Veterans in Ryedale for their service, as well as all active members of the Armed Forces in both Ryedale and across our nation.

"Ryedale District Council has sponsored the events on Saturday in Scarborough and we hope the celebrations go well and are enjoyed by everyone."