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Residents’ views needed on Swinton parish affordable housing

Residents in Swinton Parish will have the chance to air their views about an affordable housing proposal for local people in Swinton.

A Public Consultation Open Day will be held at The Reading Rooms, Swinton, on Saturday 25 September from 1pm to 6.30pm where a site plan and information showing the proposal will be available. It is also an opportunity for local people to register an interest in any affordable homes to rent and to buy.

Phillip Spurr, Programme Director for Economic Development, Business and Partnerships for Ryedale District Council said:

“Affordable housing for our citizens is a key priority for Ryedale District Council as detailed in our Council Plan.

"If anyone who has a local connection to Swinton is struggling to buy a house there, or has a home there that isn’t suited to their needs, we’d encourage them to come along to the open day.”

York/Karbon Housing Association, Swinton Parish Council and Ryedale District Council’s Rural Housing Enabler organized the event.

A housing needs survey carried out in December 2020 in Swinton parish showed that there was a need for affordable homes for local households in that area. The consultation event at the end of this month will be an opportunity to gather further evidence of local housing need.

If the site location has the support of the community, then another public consultation open day will be held in the parish so residents can comment on detailed plans for an affordable housing proposal for local people. Priority will be given to people who have a strong local connection to Swinton parish.