PRGloo Recycle Week 2021

Recycle Week puts spotlight on efforts in Ryedale

Ryedale District Council is thanking citizens for recycling as part of Recycle Week and promoting items that can be included in the kerbside collections to increase the overall recycling performance from 48%.

Citizens can now recycle envelopes with the plastic windows removed in their blue bags or boxes. Plus, metal biscuit tins can be taken in the green boxes, alongside plastic bottles and cans, tins and aerosols. Citizens can also pop hay bedding into their brown garden waste bins.

The Waste and Recycling teams are part of the District Council’s Waste and Environment Service. For Recycle Week 2021, the team has revealed the top recyclable items that are being put in household waste that could have been recycled at kerbside.

These include clean paper and paper/card envelopes, garden waste and hay bedding, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, cans, tins and empty aerosols.

Materials are also being put in household waste that can be accepted at mini recycling centres. These include textiles, aluminium foil, clean foil food trays and beverage cartons.

Electricals such as kettles and toasters have also been found in household waste. These items can be taken to the Household Waste and Recycling Centres.

Margaret Wallace, Head of Customer Services and Communities for Ryedale District Council said: “Ryedale citizens are very good at recycling and committed to playing their part for the benefit of the environment. We’re pleased to let citizens know that paper/card envelopes, metal biscuit tins and hay bedding can now be easily recycled on their doorstep.

“We know that we have a part to play too and are always looking to improve our recycling services. As a start, we’ll be running a campaign on social media as part of Recycle Week to let citizens know what can be recycled and where. We’ve also attended the Ryedale Eco Fair in Pickering to raise awareness with our citizens of what they can recycle now and to hear views on our services. ”