Police team to move into Ryedale House, Malton: Ryedale House with logos

24 Feb 2020

Police team to move into Ryedale House, Malton

North Yorkshire Police’s neighbourhood policing team will be the latest organisation to move into Ryedale House in Malton, following a decision by Julia Mulligan, the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, and Ryedale District Council on February 20.

Plans will now go ahead for the twenty-strong local policing team to move to Ryedale House – which is next door to the current police offices on Old Malton Road - in April.

Ryedale House, which is the HQ for Ryedale District Council, is already home to some services for North Yorkshire County Council, and the Department of Work and Pensions (Jobcentre Plus) will also start to operate from the premises on March 2.

The decision to bring the police front counter service and all neighbourhood officers and PCSOs into Ryedale House is part of a wider, shared ambition to bring public services together under one roof.  Both the PFCC and Ryedale District Council see the move as an opportunity to improve collaboration opportunities, reduce running costs, and make it easier for citizens to access key services from one single location.

Councillor Keane Duncan, Leader of Ryedale District Council, said:

“This decision secures a publicly-accessible police office for Malton into the future and will allow even greater cooperation between the Council and Neighbourhood Policing Team.  It will help make sure Ryedale is an even safer place and we can deal more effectively with issues such as speeding and anti-social behaviour.

“Having North Yorkshire Police at Ryedale House is yet another step towards achieving our ambition for a public services hub - a “one-stop shop” for public services.

“North Yorkshire County Council are already operating from Ryedale House, Jobcentre Plus will be on-site in March, and we’re also having positive conversations with other organisations.”

Commenting on the decision, Julia Mulligan, the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, said:

“You only have to walk down Old Malton Road to see that there is an opportunity to work better together.  Various public sector partners have separate buildings on the same street, which simply doesn’t make sense from a public service perspective, or from a financial one.

“I am absolutely committed to maintaining front counter services in local communities, and that is no different here we I want to ensure we retain a strong local policing presence at the heart of Malton.  Having the neighbourhood team at Ryedale House means they are right where they need to be, and right where the community want them.

“We already have police officers and PCSOs co-located with Selby Council at their Civic Centre, so we know the co-location model works.  I’m delighted we’re now in a position to do the same in Malton.”

Chief Constable Lisa Winward said:

“We have an excellent neighbourhood policing team in Malton, which we’re continuing to grow and strengthen as we recruit additional police officers over the next few years.  Being able to develop our officers in a partnership environment is really important, and bringing the neighbourhood team into Ryedale House will give us the opportunity to do that.

“Our focus remains on keeping people safe, and we can achieve that more effectively by working closely with other agencies.  There are already many links between North Yorkshire Police in Malton and Ryedale District Council’s communities and safeguarding teams.  Being in the same building will help make those links even stronger.”