Government announces decision on unitary reform of local government

The government has today [Wednesday 21 July] announced its decision on how local government in North Yorkshire will be reorganised in 2023.

At present there are several types of councils operating across York and North Yorkshire, which each have different roles and responsibilities.  There is a county council, district and borough councils, and a small unitary council (York) which provides all services to its residents.

The government has now decided that the county, district and borough councils in North Yorkshire will be replaced by a new one unitary council in 2023, with City of York Council remaining as a separate smaller unitary. 

Government ministers told councils in July 2020 that they wished to see local government in the area reorganised into unitary councils.

In December last year, two unitary proposals were provided to government for consideration.  A consultation on the two proposals was held earlier this year.

Following today’s announcement, government will put forward legislation, known as a Structural Changes Order, to create the new council, which will be expected to start in April 2023.

Meanwhile, council services will continue as usual.  Council staff will continue to be employed by their current council until March 2023, after which the vast majority of roles will be transferred to the new authority.  

The Secretary of State's written statement is available on the Parliamentary website at: