Active Travel PR

48 hours left to have your say on how you get around Ryedale

Ryedale District Council have been asking citizens up and down Ryedale what they think about how they get around Ryedale and whether it could work better to encourage active travel, such as cycling or walking.

The first part of the Active Travel campaign has been live on Ryedale District Council's new website - used for communicating with residents - since May. Citizens have just 48 hours left to take the survey and add comments to the map.

The project is seeking to collect data from citizens to then inform a plan of where best to make some improvements to make it easier and better for pedestrians to walk to do their daily business.

The aim of the Council is to reduce the number of short-distance car journeys and replace them with journeys by active means, whether that's by foot or other accessible means.

Early indicators of the data so far suggest that a good proportion of citizens would like to see more greenery alongside popular walking and cycling routes.

Phillip Spurr, Director for Resources and Place at Ryedale District Council, said:

Don't miss this chance to have a say on the future of how citizens get around Ryedale, there's just 48 hours left.

We've had a number of responses so far and so I'd like to offer a big thank you to those who have taken the time to have their say.

All of this information will help, so we can put in the right kind of infrastructure across Ryedale. It will help more citizens leave the car behind for short distance journeys and get out and about by other active means like walking.

Citizens can add their comments to the Active Travel Map here:

There is also a survey asking citizens how they get around Ryedale currently and what might make them more likely to travel on foot for short-distance journeys, find this survey here: