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Garden waste subscriptions opening in Ryedale - look out for your sticker!

Ryedale District Council is launching the garden waste service for 2023-2024 with a new bin sticker which has an added benefit for citizens.

The plastic bin tags are being replaced by stickers which will have a QR code on them. Citizens can scan the code and find out their garden waste bin collection days and other information about what they can put in their brown bin.

The service for 2023-2024 will cost £43.50.

Margaret Wallace, Director of People and Resource for Ryedale District Council said:

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our services for citizens and the new sticker is a great way to help them find out their bin collection day. Just scan the QR code to see the dates.

“The stickers will also bring us in line with the other district and borough councils in North Yorkshire as we join together with North Yorkshire County Council to become North Yorkshire Council from 1 April this year.

“The price is being harmonised for the new council with the subscription costing £43.50 per bin.”

Reminder letters and emails have been sent to current garden waste subscribers. New customers can subscribe by going to or phoning customers services on 01653 600 666.

If a citizen doesn’t want to re-subscribe to the service, their collections will stop from 31 March 2023 and they will need to compost garden waste at home, or take it to a local Household Waste Recycling Centre. 

For the teams to collect garden waste, citizens need a current subscription and sticker attached to their bin. A receipt will be issued as part of the renewal process as proof of purchase.