Council urges people to ‘protect each other, protect Ryedale’ this weekend.: 2m apart

22 May 2020

Council urges people to ‘protect each other, protect Ryedale’ this weekend.

Ryedale District Council is reminding visitors and citizens to protect each other and protect Ryedale this Bank Holiday weekend, by observing social distancing.

People can now spend more time outdoors and travel to exercise in the open air, but the District Council is reminding those out and about in Ryedale to think carefully about where they spend their time and to avoid places that could be busy.

A Council Team were out and about in market towns and in beauty spots last weekend and will be doing the same this weekend. They’ll be keeping an eye, to make sure that people are enjoying the new freedom to exercise more frequently and for longer, whilst respecting social distancing. If they spot any problems, they will have a friendly word to remind people of the need to social distance to keep Ryedale communities safe.  

Cllr Keane Duncan, Leader of Ryedale District Council, said:

“We are not trying to stop people enjoying being outdoors, and we totally understand that people want to come to our beautiful locations here in Ryedale.

“However it is absolutely vital that everyone respects the rules on social distancing, for the sake of our residents and our communities as a whole.

“Throughout last weekend we had community officers out and about across Ryedale, just keeping a watchful eye, so we were ready to respond if any problem occurred. That worked well and that’s why we have our officers out and about again this coming weekend.

“They are there mainly to provide reassurance, address complaints when they arise and seek harmonious resolutions by working with North Yorkshire Police where appropriate.

“A busy Bank Holiday weekend is expected in our market towns and beauty spots, and we are hoping to work in the same constructive way. We welcome feedback from the public and our approach is under constant review.

“Ryedale is a friendly place, and we want to welcome responsible visitors back to our market towns and beauty spots in a safe way.

“Social distancing is essential, and, working closely with the police, we will do what we can to make sure it is observed.”