Council helps residents stay connected during COVID-19

Ryedale District Council is launching a series of newsletters to help citizens stay connected through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Council’s top priority, during this crisis, is to support the citizens of Ryedale, especially those whose lives and livelihoods are most at risk, as a result of COVID-19.

To help citizens and businesses stay up-to-date with news that will support them through these uncertain times, four separate e-newsletters are available to sign up to – general news, business news, tourism and arts and culture. Each one will provide relevant information, in line with GDPR regulations.

The general newsletter will provide citizens with a round-up of the main news and announcements made by Ryedale District Council. It will be sent via email to citizens who sign up to it, on a monthly basis.

Businesses in the district can sign up to an e-newsletter, which will keep them up-to-date with the information they need to know about. It will initially be sent out on a fortnightly basis, but will then move to monthly. The information includes the latest on Government grants, other support available to them and both general and specific sector advice.

The tourism e-newsletter focuses on the tourism sector news, training and campaign opportunities and will be emailed initially on a fortnightly basis, then each month. It will include details of relevant business support that can help the tourism sector navigate the challenges COVID-19 has brought about.

Arts and Culture news will go out on a monthly basis, but more frequently initially, to communicate key developments and sector information during COVID-19. It will feature relevant news for those working within the culture sector, opportunities for artists, projects and opportunities for partnerships, and news of any Ryedale District Council developments, including grants.

Councillor Keane Duncan, Leader of Ryedale District Council said:

“We understand that there’s lots of information we need to let our citizens and businesses know about, especially as we work our way through this crisis. Our e-newsletters are another way we can connect people to the news that matters most to them.

“This is yet another example of our employees doing what they can to support citizens and businesses through COVID-19. The e-newsletters will provide relevant and useful information that can really help support those who need it, in a format that’s easily accessible.”

Citizens and businesses can sign up to the newsletters here: https://www.ryedale.gov.uk/contact/newsletters.html