Council gives householders tips for safe waste collection during COVID: Ryedale District Council waste and recycling collection

21 Apr 2020

Council gives householders tips for safe waste collection during COVID

Ryedale District Council is asking householders to follow key tips on waste and recycling, to help protect collection crews. 

Since the COVID crisis started, the Council has adapted the way it collects waste and recycling in order to safeguard frontline collection crews.  Extra vehicles, kitted out with sanitizer, have been put on the road, and strict hygiene measures have been put in place.  However, according to Ryedale District Council, householders can also play their part in the protection effort by following these simple tips:

  • Respect social distancing when council crews are out collecting waste and recycling
  • Try to put recycling into the recycling box, rather than in bags, because bags can’t be recycled
  • Squash plastic bottles and cans so you can get more in your box
  • Flatten cardboard and, in you can, put into a cardboard box for collection alongside your blue bag or box
  • Use another box for glass (waste collectors will return it)
  • Extra recycling can be taken to the mini-centres in car parks as part of essential journey to the supermarket
  • Wash your hands before and after putting refuse and recycling out for collection
  • Do not put used tissues in with paper and card recycling. Double-bag personal waste and store for 72 hours before putting in the wheelie-bin or in bags for kerbside collection.

With more people at home due to lockdown, domestic waste and recycling have increased, and teams are dealing with up to 40 percent more recycling than in the pre-lockdown period.

Although plans have been laid on how other collection services could be pared back if necessary, these have not be activated, and the council is continuing to provide subscription services such as garden waste collection and commercial waste collection, alongside the usual kerbside domestic waste and recycling service.  Only the bulky item collection service has been paused as a result of COVID, but the Council is exploring ways to continue with some bulky collections if they impact on public health.

The council is urging those people who want to subscribe to the garden waste collection service for this year to do so online now, so that garden waste can continue to be collected from May.  Due to COVID, the bin stickers to remind subscribers to update their subscription are not being issued this year, to prevent the extra contact with the bin.  Subscriptions can be renewed online at

Councillor Keane Duncan, Leader of Ryedale District Council, said:

“The council’s approach to the COVID-19 crisis is to do everything we can to support lives and livelihoods – and that means keeping essential services like waste and recycling running smoothly.  I’d like to pay tribute to the council’s waste and recycling crews.  Waste collection is extremely important for public health, and they are doing a great job in challenging circumstances.”

Stacey Burlet, CEO of Ryedale District Council said: 

“Operating waste collection during COVID is a challenge but our crews have been absolutely brilliant.  They are right on the front line, and they have taken every change in their stride. 

“We’ve had so many positive messages of support from members of the public, and thank you posts on social media.  It really means a lot to our team to know that what they do is appreciated.”