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Bin rounds changing for just 3000 homes

Ryedale District Council is changing the bin rounds for 3000 homes to ensure waste services adapt to deliver value for money and continue to meet the needs of its communities.

As Ryedale continues to benefit from housing growth, Ryedale District Council has undertaken a review of the existing domestic waste and kerbside recycling collection rounds.   It is now necessary to make a few changes affecting some collection routes so that Waste and Environmental Services continue to operate efficiently and effectively.

Residents will continue to receive a fortnightly domestic waste and kerbside recycling collection service however we are making some changes to the collection routes and times.  It will mean changes to collection days for 3000, which will be implemented in phases between November 2022 - February 2023.

Ryedale District Council will be writing directly to all affected residents to provide them with details of their service change. A new collection calendar will be online just before each change and citizens will be able to check their new dates by visiting

All citizens are reminded to put their waste and recycling out on their new collection day – by 6am.

The new rounds will put citizens in Ryedale in a good position as the district heads into the new unitary council, which will launch on 1 April 2023.

Margaret Wallace, Director of People and Resources for Ryedale District Council said:

“We’ve undertaken a comprehensive review of our rounds, given the increasing demands. We will need to change the waste and recycling dates for 3000 properties. These changes will be phased in over 4 months to deliver effective waste services and only those affected will receive a postcard providing full details of their new collection dates.”

Schedule for the changes


Week commencing 21 November

  • 198 properties in Lastingham, Spaunton and Appleton Le Moors will change from a Monday to a Wednesday
  • 99 properties in Hawnby will change from a Tuesday to Monday
  • 125 properties in Harome will change from a Thursday to Tuesday
  • 20 properties Guncroft Lane and Skiplam Road, Nawton changing from a Weds to a Tues

Week commencing 5 December

  • 103 properties in Foxholes will change from a Tuesday to Wednesday
  • 77 properties in East Heslerton will change from a Tuesday to Thursday
  • 700 properties Settrington, North Grimston, Langton, Birdsall, Leavening, Acklam and Thixendale switching materials collected which will mean 2 consecutive weeks of domestic waste collections and recycling collections (no day change)


Week commencing 6 February

  • 916 properties in Malton in Showground and Broughton Manor, Dickens Road and Rainbow Lane Estate will change from a Monday to Tuesday
  • 186 properties in Old Malton will change from a Friday to Tuesday
  • 450 properties in Norton, on Langton Road, Sutton Street and the Howe Road area will change from a Friday to Thursday