1,000+ households to receive cut in Council Tax due to COVID, says Council: Council Tax reduction news site

14 Apr 2020

1,000+ households to receive cut in Council Tax due to COVID, says Council

More than one thousand households in Ryedale will have their Council Tax bill reduced, as part of the government’s package of measures to help citizens during COVID, says Ryedale District Council.

Earlier this year, Ryedale District Council launched a new, simplified, Council Tax reduction scheme.  Under the scheme, families of working age can receive up to 100 percent reduction on their Council Tax Bill, depending on their income and circumstances.  Now the Council is gearing up to give households receiving this benefit up to £150 further reduction on their bill. 

The reduction in the bill will be paid for by the government’s Council Tax Hardship Fund – an extra pot of money that the government has given to Councils to help reduce the burden of Council Tax on low income families during the current public health emergency.

Councillor Keane Duncan, Leader of Ryedale District Council, said:

“It is good news that we can reduce the Council Tax bill for around one thousand households in our district.  In some cases this will reduce their Council Tax bill to zero.

“Obviously we would like to do more, but the Hardship Fund money will only cover so much.

“The COVID crisis is taking a big financial toll on all Councils, and although some people would like to see a Council Tax reduction across the board, the funding we’ve received simply won’t cover that.

“Ryedale District Council receives about ten percent of the money it collects in Council Tax. This helps to pay for the vital services that people are relying on during this health emergency – things like paying benefits, collecting waste and helping the most vulnerable people.  We need to keep those services going strong.”

Stacey Burlet, CEO of Ryedale District Council, said:

“If you already benefit from the Council Tax reduction scheme, we will write to you by the end of April to confirm that your bill will be reduced, and to give you a revised bill.  There are no forms to fill in, and you don’t need to contact us.  If you already receive a full 100 percent rebate, you won’t receive a letter, as there is already nothing to pay.

“We know though that there will be some people whose financial circumstances have changed significantly in the last few weeks due to COVID, who may now be eligible to have their Council Tax reduced.  For example, if you have lost your job and are now claiming Universal Credit.

“We would ask people in those circumstances to get in touch with us so we can see if a reduction applies.”

To let the Council know of a significant change in circumstances email benefits@ryedale.gov.uk   You can also call:  01653 600666 extension 43600 or visit www.ryedale.gov.uk/council-tax-support 




Notes to editors

Ryedale District Council’s Council Tax Reduction Scheme entitles people of working age to a reduction on their Council Tax of 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% or 0%, depending on their weekly income and size of household. 

The Hardship Fund benefit is for £150 unless the Council Tax bill is already less than £150.  In which case the benefit will be for the amount to reduce the Council Tax to £0.  The additional reduction under the Hardship Fund does not apply to people already receiving 100% relief on their Council Tax.

Background information on the Government’s Council Tax hardship fund is available here:  https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-confirms-500-million-hardship-fund-will-provide-council-tax-relief-for-vulnerable-households