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'Gold award' for Robert Harper's team and our partner the North Yorkshire Building Control Partnership (NYBCP)

Robert Harper at North Yorkshire Building Control Partnership (NYBCP) oversees the management of a team that carry out building control services across five local authorities in North Yorkshire – this was the first of its kind and has become a trail blazer and gold standard model, which has been replicated elsewhere around the country since.

This partnership ensures that all forms of construction work carried out to Ryedale District Council buildings’ conforms to regulatory standards – our partners strive to go beyond that and deliver high standard building controls in the best interests of our service users and staff.

Robert Harper recently led the NYBCP team through an ‘Investors in People’ assessment, which is like an audit of how well an organisation has invested in the positive development of its staff. We are pleased to share that our partners at the NYBCP were accredited with a ‘gold’ award from the Investors in People organisation.

Robert Harper said:

“As Head of Building Control for the North Yorkshire Building Control Partnership (NYBCP) my role is to ensure that we have staff who are able to assist in the delivery of a high quality building control service for our service users and for this reason it is imperative that I understand and have reassurance that the development processes we have in place for our staff is suitable and robust.

“It’s also essential that I have confidence that the staff at NYBCP are fully aware of what the partnership is trying to achieve along with its end goals as this has a direct impact on service user experience to ensure we continue to receive high quality feedback.

“For this reason I supported an Investors in People (IIP) assessment as this would provide an independent review of how my staff are managed, communicated to and developed. The benefits of having an IIP assessment is that it looks in detail at current and historic performance data along with holding confidential staff surveys and interviews where staff are free to provide their own comments to an independent person.

 “NYBCP is a well-established partnership of five Local Authority Building Control Departments, and was the first ever such partnership which others have witnessed and followed suit throughout England. The partnership was first brought together through a need for resilience and this has further developed to where it is now with the results of being a highly competitive organisation delivering a high quality building control service for each of the partner authorities. This has only been achieved by having staff who are developed properly and are engaged in the partnerships objectives, values and ethics through effective management and empowerment which is analysed as part of the IIP assessment process.

 “When I received the outcome report and had the outcome meeting with the IIP assessor I was so proud of what had been achieved with obtaining the gold standard, it was wonderfully rewarding personally to understand that our staff felt so supported in their roles. The feedback that I have received from individual staff members is that the assessor really put them at ease throughout the whole process and they were able to provide honest responses to all the assessment criteria.”